Client Charter

We, the staff of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, pledge that:

All students will:

  • Graduate with academic qualifications that are recognised by the government and professional bodies and that meet the needs of the industry;
  • Graduate within the stipulated duration upon fulfilment of all requirements;
  • Be given services that are supported by an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning;

The Government will receive:

  • Trained human capital and technology-based output in line with the nation’s vision.

The industry will receive:

  • Professional and competent workforce trained with relevant knowledge and skills;
  • Graduates who are equipped with practical insights and valuable experience in the application of science and technology;
  • Continuous university commitment for universal peace and prosperity.

We, the staff of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia appreciate and value all constructive comments in the fulfilment of this Clients’ Charter.